POV-Ray : A tool for producing high quality computer graphics.

It stands for Persistence of Vision Raytracer.

POV-Ray for Unix

POV-Ray for Unix is essentially a version of the POV-Ray rendering engine prepared for running on a Unix or Unix-like operating system (such as GNU/Linux). The POV-Ray input is platform-independant, as it is using text files (POV-Ray scripts) to describe the scene: camera, lights, and various objects.

INSTALLATION STEPS of POV-Ray on a GNU/Linux system

1. Open a terminal.

2. Create a directoty where you extacts POV-Ray package.

           $ mkdir ~/povray 

3. Go to this directory.

          $ cd povray/      

4. Extract the package here.

          $ tar xvfz povlinux-3.6.tgz    

5. Go to this directory now.

          $ cd povray-3.6      

6. Install

          $ sudo ./install 

7. Testing

          $ ./install test   

POV-Ray for Unix is not a modeller. It will not let you design scenes graphically on-screen.



Almost anyone can use POV-Ray for Unix.

If you have never seen a ray tracing program before, you can havegreat fun just

rendering the sample scenes and animations installed together with POV-Ray for Unix.

Once you have studied some scene files and spent a little bit of time reading this

documentation, you can start putting basic scene files together.


POV-Ray has matured substantially since it was created. Recent versions of the software include the following features:





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