5 March, 2013

Today i modified my library totally.

Now source files are stored in src sub-directory,

header file is in include sub-directory,

library in lib sub-directory, example.cpp is stored in test sub-directory,

and makefile is in parent directory.

Also modified makefile that was not easy for me because i have to compile all source files from src directory and stored object files in obj directory.

Now, makefile after making shared library will stored in lib directory.


Hierarchy is

1. testing-

                1.1 – include (dxf_2D.h)

                1.2- lib (libdxf_2D.so)

                1.3- obj (*.o)

                1.4 – src (*.cpp)

                1.5- test (example.cpp, example.o, prog executable file)

                1.6- makefile








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