4 March, 2013

Modified makefile using variables after reading following links


1. Removed duplicacy in library up-to 90 percent.

Before, program was writing extra files when taking of  input of entity.

Now it is directly written to output file.

2. As before, code was repeated for writing header, footer in output file.

But now i made a separate function for header and footer in base class that draw() can call.

3. Prevoiusly i was declared 5 ifstream and 3 ofstream objects.

But now it is 1 ifstream and 1 ofstream object.

4. Previous the code was repeated for making horizontal line, vertical line, line from two point.

Now i put the common part of line in single function and then jumps to condition for line subtype.

5. Also , we can create vertical and horizontal lines, circle from radius

with 3  inputs only — 1 point and length/ radius.

6. Prevoiusly i was declared 5 variables of string data type.

But now it is 3.

Today, learned about doxygen.

It is a documenting tool.


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