25 Feb, 2013

Today i gave presentation on my mid-term evaluation work.

1.. I think  it was full of confidence.

2. I had made many commits on github and uploaded the source code of
   every work that i have done till now.
3. Started with basic and moving step by step- Design-> Design and
   engineering -> CAD -> CAD’s File Format -> DXF(file structure and data
4. Eye interaction was with all present.
5. Presentation was good.


1. In code, I had not provided the spaces and also naming convention
of variables.
2. Content was not so good because i had not added the 2d image background.
3. I was not able to give a right answer to some queries. Not able to
give answer on “header” queries of dxf.

Here is my presentation

Today i learned a lot.
I came to know
1. What is computer graphics and what are their applications in daily life.
2. Evolution of computers.


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