28 Jan,2013

Today i read DXF specifications for entities,line and circle from


File Handling

Today I learn file handling in C++ from


g++ Compiler

I installed g++ compiler to run C++ programs by running following command on the terminal.

               $sudo apt-get install g++

Steps to compile and execute C++ program

1.Create a C++ program in editor “gedit” and save as filename.cpp.

Program: filename.cpp


using namespace std;

int main()


cout<<“\n It’s my first Program”;

return 0;


2.Open a terminal and compile a program.

          $g++ filename.cpp -o filename.o

Here, filename.cpp is input program

          filename.o is output file

3. Execute a program


Now,you can see the output on the terminal

 It’s my first Program


I made a file in C++ which can draw line and circle.


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