25 Jan,2013

Today I finished my third task. Sir asked to read .dxf specifications by two approaches.

1. Reverse engineering

2. Read .dxf specifications

I have to make a circle only by giving specificatons. I follows the first approach in which i compared two .dxf files made in LibreCAD.

I made a circle in Librecad and save as circle.dxf,




and open a new file, save a blank file as blank.dxf.



Open both these files in editor and compared.I got near about 20 lines(specifications) are different in the middle of the file that absence in blank.dxf file. Then i add these 20 lines in blank file, save it and opened in LibreCAD.It shows circle.


Then I save the header portion of the blank file as header.txt  and footer portion as footer.txt because that are same for all .dxf files.

I made a new file,draw circle and save as circle2.dxf.

Again through reverse engineering I compared both these circle files.

I got only three specifications different that is x coordinate, y coordinate, and radius.

Then I made a new file in editor as circle.txt file in which i wrote


234.5 // X-coordinate

20  //built-in

30.5  //Y-coordinate

30 //built-in

0.0 //built-in

40 //built-in

13.0 //radius

At last , i will run cat command on the terminal

$ cat header.txt circle.txt footer.txt > output.dxf

output.dxf file is created that is shown




Today I met with Dr. Harpal Singh Sir. I didn’t knew anything about him. Simply, I was showing

my work to Dr.H.S Rai sir, firstly for one minute, he just monitoring me and Taran, then suddenly

he started putting questions from us.

What are you doing here?

Which software you used to make 2D shapes?

Which language you prefer?

       I said I doing my work in Python.

Sir, “Why you use Python,not C++?”

Then he asked why you join training here?

Is time period 9:00 AM to 6:AM fine?

After this, the question is- you are from CSE?

I said,” no, we are from IT.”

He told what’s the difference between CSE and IT.

I said CSE is for hardware and IT is for software.

Then we start discussion about syllabus of CSE and IT.

Only last year syllabus is different, rest are same.

Discussion about Java, computer graphics and DA.

He shared experience of his life.Then interesting discussion on
Anti-viruses,Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Last discussion is future scope after B.Tech.
I said, “After doing B.Tech in C.E, a fresher got Rs.25,000 as
starting salary in teaching field.

But B.tech in IT, one got Rs.9,000 in the same field.

Thanks to both Dr. H.S Sirs for teaches us so many things in a limited time.


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